Facebook & Google Ads is getting expensive

But your website's conversion is lower than 2%?

Does this sound familiar to you?

Has your Google CPC increased by 30%?Is your store's conversion % stuck at 1.2% no matter how much you spent on Google paid ads?Frustrated with conversion % lower than 2%, even after spending $10,000 on Facebook Ads?Want to see more monthly revenue but your marketing campaigns no longer boost the sales?Your website designer proposed a loaded list of website change but didn't know which ones will actually work?

Doesn't these numbers look exciting?

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Even by just improving conversion %, your revenue could still shield the risk of traffic fluctuations.28.5% revenue growth even traffic went down 1.7%.This is what you can get without spending a dime on paid ads and marketing campaigns.The key is 34.7% growth of conversion %. And it's sustainable.A better conversion-driven website brings you revenue growth for months.You can finally take full advantage of the holiday peak season.

How I could help you achieve that

June Liu SEO CRO Consultant liuconsulting.co

HI there!đź‘‹ I'm June Liu
SEO, CRO Consultant

Conversion Rate Optimization

Previously leading a web analytics team in Wayfair, I've conducted more than 500+ A/B tests to optimize customers' online purchase experience and drive conversions.Later I've helped Shopify brands like Ethnotek, a company built on Shopify selling travel bags featuring ethically-sourced handmade textiles.We achieved a 45.4% conversion % growth on mobile after three months of website redesign.Not a single penny spent on paid ads.Sticky Add-To-Cart button. Better value prop copies. Less clustered product page. Prioritizing conversion-driven information above the fold, etc. All decisions are backed by Google Analytics data and years' experience from A/B tests.

credit: liuconsulting.co


With a keen eye for data, I've delved into driving organic traffic for conversion-driven websites.SEO is all about discovering stories from keywords data.

What do people say about their growth


Previously, we didn’t understand what areas of the funnel were needing most attention and which specific area to tackle first. Most analyses we've received in the past only state the problem and lack recommended solutions.From June's consulting services, we received very clear and actionable analysis of main areas we should focus on, especially the Priority List of changes to implement is very helpful.In addition to the amazing report, June is fun to talk to and very organized, punctual and professional. I didn’t feel like there was any BS pitching like we’ve received from agency proposals & collaborations in the past. There also wasn’t an end of project pitch to secure a retainer or guaranteed commitment to another project. June was very transparent and straightforward and I totally trust her.


Jacob Orak
Founder of Ethnotek Bags


The insights from June were very helpful!Without the metrics and data-backed insights from the analysis, we would conduct the redesign with our industry experience of best practices but wouldn’t have a clear focus on redesign and development work.June’s analysis was also design-focused that was fully aligned with what we planned. But her analytics work made us be 100% confident with the priority moving forward. It’s a great value add partnering up with Liu Consulting!


Emile Pestininkaite
Founder of Storee Studio


June helped us build a Shopify store with a new brand presence that we had been trying to achieve. From conversion-driven design to structured value proposition copies, the site speaks directly to our potential customers' needs and pain points.Her strategic use of SEO bypassed unnecessary platform fees and wasteful ads, resulting in new leads from traffic surges that nearly match our traditional sales without any additional advertising costs.June’s expertise in SEO and deep understanding of our business has turned our website into more than just a digital storefront—it's now a powerful and cost-effective sales tool.


Jayden Chen
Cofounder of tagtixrfid

Want more organic sales for your business?

Let's chat. I will come up with three immediate to-dos you can implement to drive organic sales.

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